Summer Ski Camp Check List

  1. Any photo ID card

  2. Medical insurance and identification card

  3. Ski boots *best last season model* [wear a little around the house to make sure they fit / your foot is adjusted to boots after time off]

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Alarm clock / cell with alarm

  6. Cell phone (optional / welcome) [programed with (503) 704-0002 for text or call upon your arrival to Oregon]

  7. Some spending money (about $50-$150) for small snacks / incidentals

  8. Pack your back pack with your personal items (listed above), ski boots (best tied to outside of ski back pack), mobile phone (if you have one), music player, headphones, extra sweatshirt to keep warm / comfortable during your travels, etc.

  9. Slalom skis (tuned and waxed) *best last season model*

  10. Giant Slalom skis (tuned and waxed) *if skiing on GS skis last season*

  11. Helmet *hard ear and FIS approved recommended*

  12. Googles (2 pairs preferred) *one with extra dark lenses*

  13. Poles (2 pairs preferred)

  14. Gloves (2 pairs preferred)

  15. Warm-up pants (on cold days)

  16. Winter or spring jacket (windbreaker & waterproof) for cooler days

  17. Pack all of your ski equipment in one large ski bag: Slalom skis, Giant Slalom skis, & poles. Try to have 2 (two) ski straps each pair of skis. If space permits, pack some of your soft ski clothing in your ski bag too

  18. Ski socks *long*

  19. SL shin guards

  20. Tuning equipment with file, file guide, scraper and wax. We will have a bench, wises and an iron available for your use

  21. Sport socks & house socks (socks must be worn indoors)

  22. Training shorts (ski shorts) if possible

  23. DH/GS/SL suit (only need one)

  24. Stealth top / padded top (only for older racers)

  25. Sunscreen (S.P.F. 30+)

  26. Tooth brush & toothpaste

  27. Shampoo

  28. Two towels (two or more so that you can use them for the duration of your stay) [towels not provided at camp]

  29. Summer clothes, shorts & shoes

  30. Summer dryland gear & shoes

  31. Bathing suit and/or swim shorts

  32. Pack your large suitcase / duffel bag with all of your clothing, ski gear, toiletries, etc. listed above

  • Things you will NOT need

    • Mountain Bike

    •  Rollerblades

    •  Twin Tips / free skiing skis

    •  Wax iron or wises

    •  Pillow or sleeping bag