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Q: What is the difference between a 'camp' and a 'clinic'?

A: Tichy Camps are all 7 nights with 6 days on snow. Each session starts with 2 days of slalom, continues with 3 days of GS and ends with 1 day of SL. With 6 days on snow, we can smooth out daily progression and focus full details on each racers. Gates are introduced during the end of the first day, and camp ends with 2 days of timed runs (along with a full day of coaching and course). Tichy Clinics are just 4 days on snow with 2 days of SL and 2 days of GS. The progression is much faster paced and / or geared towards those that visit us often, have only limited time or are continuing from a camp. Clinics, unlike camps, do not offer dryland and full day activities; they are more suitable to families, adults or mature racers with experience.

Q: At what age can I come to camp?

A: Racers with ski racing background as young as 8 years old at time of camp are welcome. Our staff works with small group ratios and the proper fit for your racer, regardless of age or ability will be available. However, some camps will have a better ratio of younger or older racers, it is best to check on availability and recommendations. 

Q: At what age can I come to a clinic?

A: Racers accompanied by parents as young as 7 participate in clinics. Parents assist their youngsters to and from the hill and our coaches do a fantastic job with skills, hero's, stubbies and gate instructions.

Q: Where can parents / friends stay while at Mt. Hood?

A: The beautiful Mt. Hood area offers some unique lodging opportunities. A short walk or drive around Government Camp presents five options:

  1. Tichy's B&B - if space and availability allows during summer month, you can have a private room with all meals included - Lodging — Tichy Racing
  2. Mt. Hood Inn - Best Western Mt. Hood Inn, Government Camp Oregon
  3. Huckleberry Inn - Huckleberry Inn Home page - Mt. Hood
  4. Collins Lake - Mt. Hood Rentals
  5. Timberline Lodge - Timberline Historic Lodge at the base of Mt. Hood, Oregon
  6. VRBO - Vacation Rental by Owners (in the Mt. Hood & The Gorge area)

Q: Can parents visit / view racers participation & training at camp?

A: Yes, parents and coaches are welcome and encouraged to view and observe. We know that the key to family success is knowledge and understanding. You can access on skis on hike to our training lane most days. Afternoons video sessions encourage interaction and participation.