Feedback and experiences

With a unique experience learning experience in a safe family friendly environment, it is no wonder that over almost 100% of all active participants return each and every summer for more training. Here is what some have to say...

August 30, 2015
A huge thank you to the most professional and fun race family in North America. I grew up at Tichy summer camps and love the environment the Tichy's have created for alpine racers at Mt. Hood and Copper Mountain. My training and racing with head coach Martin Tichy is the best and helps me exceed my goals!
Kristina - Vancouver, BC. - CANADA -

August 1, 2015
Thanks for providing a great experience for my boys. I know they both improved and more importantly took away what they need to do to ski better going forward. I also appreciated the off hill experience and life lessons they picked up.  All the best to your family.
Peter - Toronto, ON. - CANADA

July 30, 2015
Henry came home beaming – next year he wants to go for two weeks!  He loved that he was the only boy from the states in his room, what a cool and unexpected twist to his experience. He also says he will be waking up tomorrow at 5:15 to go running.  We’re liking the Henry we got back!  We’ll be sending him back soon. Thanks again for all you hard work to make this camp such a great success. I know first-timers don’t fit your usual camper profile, so we appreciate you giving Henry a shot.  He really loved every second of is experience! Kind Regards,
Weezie & Josh - Portland, OR - USA

July 29, 2015
A long overdue thank you to everyone at Tichy Racing for an incredible camp 3, she had such a blast this year! The coaching, her skiing, dryland, new friends, the food…awesome experience…she moped around for days after her return asking if we could fly her back! Her skiing looked great, actually started to see a hint of aggressiveness in her GS, so cool to see the progress, thank you!
Mark - Wisconsin - USA

July 18, 2015
We wanted to say thanks for the week; kids had a fantastic time. They liked the drills and courses. They were different from what they have done in their ski club. They thoroughly enjoyed. I like Milos's style in enforcing his house rules too. Many thanks,
Kris and Ian - Avon, CO. - USA

June 26, 2015
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for our family. I say my family and not just "lacie" because you guys took an interest in her and worked with her and that really does make our whole family happy. We were so lucky to get to know your family. We love how you "share" all of them with us. Please say hello to EVERYONE for us because we miss you guys. Yours In Health,
Brett - Florida - USA

September 9, 2014
I just wanted to ket you know that Nicholas had a great time at camp and is already talking about returning next summer.  He said the coaching was great and so was the food!  Most importantly, he felt that his skiing improved. My husband is considering bringing our 2 younger kids down next summer too.
Thanks for making Nicholas' first ski camp experience so great.
Natasha -  Toronto, ON. - CANADA

August 21, 2014
First thank you for taking in the two kids and giving them an experience they will always remember. When we picked them up at the airport they talked non-stop for three hours about the camp with the first question can they go back next year at the same time. It is rewarding to a parent and coach to hear the your child and fellow athlete, had a fun learning experience at Tichy Camps and goes to show the quality of your camp. They raved about your mothers food the dryland excursions and coaches they interacted with. Thank you as a parent and coach. 
Coach Rolf - ThunderBay, ON. - CANADA

August 18, 2014
I really enjoyed the experience and am sure it improved my skiing - did better in SL than I expected, as I had never raced this discipline before!
It was great to meet your family - I respect the discipline and fun for skiing you instill in everyone.
Dominic - Park City, UT. - USA

July 24, 2014
Just want to say thanks and let you know that Emma had a great time...she said it was the best summer camp ever. She is already talking about going back for two weeks next summer. Emma really liked the coaching and she feels like she improved a lot during the week. She also enjoyed all of the other activities especially the beach day and having lunch at Chipotles (her favorite place to eat!) 
Thanks for keeping parents in the loop with the amazing pictures and videos. 
Kind regards,
Grace - Ontario - CANADA

June 5, 2014
We wanted to thank all of you for an amazing time and your amazing hospitality. I felt that I learned a lot (as always) and Sabrina and Katarina enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. All of us look forward to retuning next year, especially Sabrina who can’t wait to get started skiing and hopes Kelby won’t miss her too much during the year. 
Thank you so much for an amazing experience.
The Goertz Family - New Jersey - USA

June 5, 2014
Also thanks for all the good stuff our kids experienced during the camp. While driving back, I asked them if there was anything they would complain about, and they had nothing on the list. This was their first time, and they seemed to be very happy and quite positive. It seems you guys have figured it out. ;)
Rod - North Vancouver, BC - CANADA

July 24, 2013
High praise for your camp! It's difficult to get praise from Sebastian when it comes to ski coaching. Alain sets a high bar. But i just talked to Sebastian and I was surprised to hear him say he likes your camp and your coaching a lot!!
He said he struggled a lot with his new Rossi gs skis (new turn shape, new length). Just curious to know if the course was set for younger kids or if the gates were far enough apart for those skis?Thank you very much for everything!
Mr. Mastor - Wyoming - USA

August 14, 2010
As expected, he had a great experience. I knew that the family atmosphere combined with the rigorous training would be suitable for him. He will definitely return for another session in the future.
Vit - California - USA

July 26, 2010
Oskar had a tremendous experience at your camp.  He came back “one inch taller” with his achievements in conquering homesickness and so rewardingly progressing his skiing skills.  A hearty thanks to all the crew!
Warm regards, Colin - San Francisco, CA. - USA

June 29, 2010
I want to thank you for the wonderful experience of summer ski training.  Samuel loves to ski and this was quite a unique adventure for him.
Samuel had a great time, made new friends and learned a new facet of training.  I know he plans on attending a camp again next year.
Your hospitality, accommodations and attention to details is greatly appreciated by my wife and me. 
Timothy - Duluth, MN. - USA