Tichy StafF

We are proud to offer the very best and most experienced summer ski camp coaching staff. Experiences ranging from coaching & racing at the Olympic Games to coaching & racing U8 events. We have done it all and will pass our knowledge to the next generation of ski racers; over 100 FIS (International Ski Federation) combined victories, 4 National SR Championship Titles, several top-10 FIS World Cup placements, multiple Nor-Am victories, JR Olympic titles, and so much more!



Milos Tichy
Head Coach

Head Coach Milos Tichy has been coaching racers from the Olympic games to USSA athletes for countless years. His experience and knowledge is unmatched in the ski camp coaching industry.


Marcela Tichy

Marcela Tichy traveled the world and worked in the ski racing industry for over 20 years. She is our camp meal and nutrition specialist. Her care and understanding for racers needs must be experienced first hand.

Martin Tichy
Program Director

Martin Tichy has accumulated success and experience at all levels of ski racing. He is the 1997 US National Champion in SL and has been on the podium at Nor-Am events and represented at the 1996 World Championships in Spain. Currently a full time U18 head coach for the Vancouver Ski Team and the FIS / Nor-Am Circuit
Contact: info@tichyracing.com or tichyracing@gmail.com
Mobile: 1 (503) 704-0002


Katerina Tichy-Harris

Kat is the most decorated and well know racer of the Tichy Racing Staff. Her numerous FIS wins, Nor-Am podiums and National championships earned her recognition on two National Ski teams (Canada & Czech republic). Kat's outstanding accomplishments include an 8th place at the World Championships in Spain 1996. Katerina also competed in the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.


Michael Tichy
Dryland Coordinator

Michael Tichy has reached international recognition and success as the top ranked junior in the world for two years straight at the age of 18. Some of his accomplishments include the 2000 Canadian National Championships and also numerous podium results and a victory on the Nor-Am Circuit. He recently graduated from Portland State University in Health Sciences with honors, cum laude.


Heidi Tichy

Heidi is a USSA level 200 certified coach and U8-U16 coach in the PNSA. Her experience and versatility with racers of all ages and levels is an added asset to our organization.


Katie Barrow
Wellness Coordinator

Katie adds a professional experienced care view to Tichy Racing. A pre-medical student at CU Boulder, and helps monitor racers, fatigue and get well logistics.


Guest Coaches Summer

We hire only the best racers and coaches for weekly guest coaching. All bring an added benefit to Tichy Racing and offer their own unique views and experiences. Expect only the best.